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Malay Girl Service Escorts is known around the Kuala Lumpur as an exceptional agency, of that there is no doubt. In a competitive industry, we keep an eye on the competition and ensure that we are always one step ahead. Our understanding of the dreams, fantasies and needs of our clients helps us to excel at customer service as well as reviewing the services and specialties offered by the ladies of our website. While there are some services that stand the test of time, we know that times change with new technology and access to information. So, we are constantly updating, the list with toy boxes and skill sets on each profile. They know that we expect nothing but the best and it shows in their enthusiasm and pride in their work. You’ll be absolutely delighted to learn about the wide range of talents and services we make available to customers.

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If you’ve had a recommendation for a particular girl, or you’ve visited us before and wish to see the same girl again, you can also find them on ‘Girls by Name’. There’s a drop down menu at the top of the page that has all of them listed in alphabetical order. As you go through the descriptions of each escort, you’ll notice that we have really outdone ourselves with the details we provide to help you make the perfect choice. First, you’ll find the escorts stats. These include everything from their height, hair and eye colour to their bra size. It also gives you information about where they come from and the languages they speak. You may be surprised to discover how many of these world class escorts speak multiple languages.